One of These Things is Not Just Like the Other

Logo inspiration/imitation debate between a potential logo change for the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League….?) Sydney Bears and the existing AHL Charlotte Checkers here. Side-by-side comparison can be seen here. Based on the jawline, ears and eye creases, its pretty obvious to me that the Bears logo started out as the Checkers logo before minor changes were made.  Thoughts?

No doubt all four of my readers have noticed the lack of posting recently (there are actually six of you). I took an unannounced hiatus of sorts after son #2 was born. Four kids, two of whom can’t dress themselves, make life busy. It’s been all I can do to get out to Checkers games much less put my hockey thoughts down on paper recently. As things settle down and the holidays end, I hope to get some more out.

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2 Responses to One of These Things is Not Just Like the Other

  1. Rogie Vachon says:

    Good to hear from you again Possum. Best time of your life when the kids are little, enjoy it!!! Hope to get down for a game or two in February when there is some sort of Family Weekend at UNCC. Of course, taking in a playoff game when we pick her up for the year would be sweet as well. :)

    Back to the logo, obviously not a lot of original thought by the designer. Maybe they figured no one would notice half way around the world?!?

  2. misshockey says:

    I play for the bears and will stop at nothing to ensure this rip-off logo doesnt appear on my jersey. the bears need an original logo not a copy. This is unfair to both the bears (as the logo was placed first in a competition, the players DID NOT get a say or vote) and the checkers.

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