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One of These Things is Not Just Like the Other

Logo inspiration/imitation debate between a potential logo change for the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League….?) Sydney Bears and the existing AHL Charlotte Checkers here. Side-by-side comparison can be seen here. Based on the jawline, ears and eye creases, its pretty … Continue reading

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Precursor of thingz to come aka Rumorz

Yesterday the SPHL Fayetteville FireAntz unveiled a new look for their team as well as a new coach.  Former minor league defenseman Sean Gillam will take the reins behind the bench.  The ridiculous logo and name are staying, which is … Continue reading

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Everything new is new again

Well, American Hockey League, you’ve done it now.  I start a blog described as having a “southern flavor” and you go and put the Checkers in the Midwest Division for 11-12!  That’s the big news in Charlotte this week, but … Continue reading

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2010-11 Postseason wrap-up: AHL (AAA)

As I’ve mentioned before, I spent many years watching tons of ECHL games in person here in Charlotte.  I’d seen American Hockey League games a handful of times previously, but after experiencing a full season at AAA, I’d be hesitant … Continue reading

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2010-11 Postseason wrap-up: ECHL (AA)

Don’t call it the East Coast Hockey League.  Since absorbing the West Coast Hockey League in 2003, the ‘Coast is gone leaving just “ECHL.”  Think the Artist Formally Known as Prince with looser fitting pants (and much less guitar skill).  … Continue reading

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2010-11 Postseason wrap-up: Central Hockey League (number of As questioned)

The Central Hockey League promotes itself as a AA minor league while using the slogan “The Center of Hockey.”  The ECHL promotes itself as a AA minor league with the slogan “Premier AA Hockey League.”  I’ll be the first to … Continue reading

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Several stories from the NHL go to players’, fans’ heads

Before I touch on the Central League recap, there are a couple NHL topics to discuss: Winnipeg, hits to the head, and the Awards Ceremony.  Caution: terrible segues ahead. The Atlanta Thrashers’ move to Winnipeg MB was officially approved by … Continue reading

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2010-11 Postseason wrap-up: Bush Leagues (single-A)

The last several years have seen a constant state of flux regarding what is classified as “single-A hockey.”  While there is no Professional Hockey Players Association sanctioned single-A league, there are some sub-CHL leagues that feed up to the CHL … Continue reading

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2010-11 Postseason wrap-up: Amateur Leagues

Going to try and be quick; this blackberry cobbler won’t eat itself. The Ontario Hockey League came down to two teams: the Owen Sound Attack (97 pts) and Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors (108 pts).  Both teams strolled to the Robeson … Continue reading

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Don’t move an inch

One of the great things about hockey is how long it lasts.  Hockey fans are some of the most passionate around.  That makes it quite fitting that the Stanley Cup Finals ended this past Wednesday, June 15, and the 2011 … Continue reading

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